Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gravity Defied

A normal morning for me goes like this...

Feed Dane, help Ernie get big boys ready for school, send him and the big boys off to school, play with Dane, try to get a few things done while Dane sleeps (hopefully), and then load baby into stroller to walk over to the school to pick up Elijah by 10:40.  Yep.  Early, huh?

Let me backtrack.  One of the choices we've made to reduce our expenses for living on one income is to only have one car.  So, THIS is why I can't just load Dane into a CAR and go get Elijah (unless I drive the crew over in the morning).

No, we don't mind only having one car.  Occassionally it's caused an issue, but in the 3 years we've been a one mobile family, it's infrequently been a problem. 

And, walking to the school.  I'm weird like that.  I feel like I'm defying societal norms to walk to the school.  I get to walk across a highway overpass and everything.  I like to wonder what the people in the cars think I'm doing or who I am (they probably don't even notice), and I like to wonder the same about them.  I bet there aren't many people who know that you can actually see what people are doing as they drive down the highway.  As I walk across, I can see people on their phones, changing their radios, picking their noses, eating, singing, laughing, all that good stuff.  So, you've been warned, don't do crazy things while you're driving under overpasses, there might be someone walking across it!  I've had a great time walking....all but the day with the 30 mph winds, but that's what I get for checking the forecast. :)

So, back to my point.  Yesterday I grabbed a water before I started the walk.  Put it in one of the little drink holders and was off.  Got to the school loaded Dane up, put the water bottle on the bumper, and then proceeded to collapse the stroller (yes, I now know how to collapse the stroller).  I even remembered to put the cell phone IN the car instead of in between the windshield wiper blade and the windshield (yep, done that.  thank goodness it was still there when I looked for it).    What I did NOT remember is to take the water bottle off the bumper.  This is what I found when I got home....

UNBELIEVABLE!!  It's about a mile from the school and it stayed there!  Forget people wondering who I am while I'm walking with the stroller, I wonder how many of them saw this AMAZING feat!!


The Lowe Family said...

okay u deserve an award for THAT....amazing my friend.

umdmaurer said...

That is awesome! btw, do you like carry your camera everywhere? You always tend to post pics and i love it. Thanks for the visuals!