Saturday, April 25, 2009

Carnival Kids

This morning we went to the kids' school carnival.  You know, the kind where you're asked to donate something for the cake walk, the silent auction (so you can bid and buy it back the day of the carnival), the prizes, work a booth, bring your kids, AND buy tickets.  Yeah, that kind.

Roman remembered the climbing wall from seeing it last year when we dropped Ernie off to pay his dues in the dunk booth.  He wanted to do it then, and nothing was stopping him this year! This kid has a mind like a steel trap, really. It's impressive and scary all at the same time.  So, when we got there this morning, it was his first stop (and the first thing we passed, convenient, huh?).  So, here we have a strange man harnessing our eldest.  Can you see the excitement oozing.  He CAN'T wait!!!

Here he's starting out.  Drop a Rock, whew, glad it's not called Drop a Kid.  What are they thinking with that name?  Hello?  Way to make us feel confident in their product.

Yeah, he's at the top!!

So, here's some perspective.  THIS is him on his way up the HUGE wall!!  Elijah had no interest in climbing....who can blame him!

There were all kinds of fun carnival games......

Here the brothers are waiting in line for the dunk booth!

Roman slams the teacher down first!  I almost asked the nice woman to move, but opted not to.

Elijah was next and he hit the bullseye TOO!  The teacher is watching his fate unfold,  and I'm wishing I had that chick's legs.

Side Note: This was Ernie's post last year.  3 hours of 6th grade revenge.  He LOVED, I mean hated it.  This year he's sick (really, he is), so he stayed home to listen for the sleeping baby.  He JUST told me he has the swine flu.  What you ask (I had to)?  You know the flu that's running rampant in Mexico and in a few parts of Texas. You know the one that has one family quarantined in their house because their son has it and it's highly contagious.  After all, Ernie does has 2 of the 3 symptoms.  I don't know which two, but the 3rd is a high fever and even though he doesn't have a high fever, he DOES have a fever.  So, if those of you who see us often don't see us for a while, we're sequestered in our house because Ernie has the swine flu.  Side note, I know, but it entertained me so I thought I'd share. :)

I LOVE this next picture.  I just think it's a work of art!

And, this one too!  I think I'll get these BIG and put them up somewhere REALLY special!

Or not, those 2 pictures are what happens when the idiot running the camera (me!) thinks she's pushing the power button, but is pushing the "take a picture" button.  No wonder the shutter wouldn't close. :)

And, here we have Elijah heaven.  A big ole stick of sugar!

It was a blast!

Fun and smiles were had by all!

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The Lowe Family said...

i really think he pig flu is running rampad due to that dead pig on the sidewalk in texas....i thats what caused it.