Monday, March 16, 2009

Nothin' like a Little Child Labor

So, our day began at 7.  Well, technically, our days and nights run into each other, but everyone except Dane and I woke up at 7 (we'd been up and down all night).  Daddy fed Dane and the others and let me sleep another hour....amazing what 60 minutes can do (I did hear Ernie ask, "Roman how long does Mama put your pancakes in for?" Uh....frozen pancakes...directions on pkg :)!

Ernie headed out with the boys to weed the flower/bushes beds. Dane and I worked on some dishes, laundry, and vacuumed.

After the beds were done, Ernie broke out the weed puller.  He loves this tool....and he's not a tool man, so that says something.  Check out the action kinaction below.

The boys picked up the weeds in buckets for money.  I started the pay a little high...another note to self.  $1 a bucket...what was I thinking?  I only had $4, so the 3rd bucket and after, they only got a quarter.

Elijah squinting in the sun

Roman, the big earner of the day, with his bucket loaded down and ready to empty 

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