Monday, February 9, 2009

Things I'd forgotten since the last time I'd hatched a Franco babe....

  1. How sweet a sleepy baby smile can be
  2. How important pain medication is
  3. How incredibly soft a baby's skin velvety soft....
  4. How sweet tiny baby butts two little folds of Sharpei, wrinkly skin
  5. How MUCH immediate love you can have for a person you've met for the very first time
  6. How loud baby bodily noises can LOUD!
  7. How adorable acne can be..the tiniest little white dots
  8. How GOOD it is to have help from family and friends
  9. How creative God is and how magnificent His creation
  10. How much one's schedule can revolve around boobs
  11. How amazing it can be to watch the scale as it drops drastic amounts of weight in the first few days post partum
  12. How fast tears can come flooding to your eyes and how little control you have over how long they stay
  13. How good water tastes
  14. How gross is all the paraphenalia used for cutting various body parts (teeny peeny, belly button)
  15. How endless seems my supply of kisses, hugs, cuddles, songs, prayers, sweet words
MAN, I love our new little guy!!


The Lowe Family said...


pictures? geez selfish. so i never got around to calling you did i? i suck. with A gone it seems like the days fly by and before i even know it it's morning and time to start all over again.

i hope you'll forgive me.

i wanna SEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Alice said...

That is so precious!!!