Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Short List...

I know Thanksgiving has passed, but for whatever reason (I think it was inspired this morning by my friend Holly), I was just sitting here thinking about all that I have to be thankful for.  So, I thought I'd share.

!--My husband who continues to grow in his love for God and others and us.  Who does things like sacrifice for the team and work an extra job for a season to provide for us.  He is sleeping right now to recover from his night or I'd probably just share these with him....

@--Health.  SO easy to take for granted that it is rare that any of the four of us get sick.  Let alone that none of us have life altering conditions or illnesses.

#--Family and Friends.  I love that we have a great network of people who love us.  Who pray with us and encourage us and make our life SO great!

$--JobS.  Not only 1, but at least 4 and sometimes more!  I am thankful for Ernie's teaching position and his PT position and my cleaning position and our party business.  ALL gifts from God and ALL instrumental in God's provision.  SO thankful!

%--Christ.  Every good thing in me is because of HIM!  I am thankful that He is trustworthy, patient, wise, creative, holy, consistent, pure, forgiving, jealous, loving, kind, and so much more.

^--Sleep.  What an awesome display of God's wisdom.  SO glad I'm not a computer that gets plugged in.  I love the feeling of rest!  I'm sure this one's on my mind because it is diminishing by the day. :)

&--Time Alone.  I know some of us are extroverts and some of us are introverts.  I think at one point in life I may have been an extrovert (maybe), but now I am definitely an introvert.  Possibly influenced by one too many small apts with too many roommates (that I love dearly, nonetheless).  I LOVE having alone time.  Time to recharge, refocus, have a few conversations with myself. 

*--Smells.  Especially ones I can eat.  Completely not a flowery smell girl, but give me a smell I can "eat" and I'm good to go.  Baked whatever, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin, sugar cookie, cinnamon roll, and my current favorites red velvet cake (in most of the house) and pineapple (in our bathroom).  YUMMY!

(--Our kids.  I know, doesn't it seem weird that they are on the list below time alone and smells?  No reason, promise.  Rest assured, this is a random list. :)  So thankful God's given us the privilege of these 3 little guys.

)--Okay, this is the last character above the numbers and I'm leaving it for you.

There are quite a few of you that are reading (I know because you tell me), so what's something you're thankful for?  All of mine were kinda big, abstract things (minus a couple) because that's just where my brain was.  You add whatever you want, something big OR something small like

.....moist wipe things (of which I am SO thankful these days with bottom issues and the end of pregnancy)
.....all day cartoon channels--I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who appreciates Noggin, Disney, and/or Nick Jr every once in a while
......OR what about refrigerators and washing machines....I was thinking last night how easy it is to throw in a load of laundry instead of having to use a washing board
......moments that kids play nicely together without having to be refereed...what a harmonious sound!

I know you are thankful...let it ooze....share it.............

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