Thursday, January 22, 2009

a place to lay his head

Quick post to say, Dane can now have his dirty diapers changed AND a place to lay his head (thanks T & B!).

I have to say, that God has provided so perfectly throughout this so many ways...through people like our parents, our sweet friends C & H (pure cane sugar, they're the ones), our OBGYN, our church family & friends and their prayers, Ernie's coworkers and their generous gifts, and the list goes on.  He's also provided provision through other things like unexpected jobs, great deals on baby gear, gifts of baby gear from good friends (bassinet from some of the best neighbors known to man...even if they did move outta the hood) and people we barely know (changing table from some thoughtful neighbors down the street), the sale of our junkity junk, and AGAIN, the list goes on.

So, just set up the bassinet thingy and thought I'd put it on AND another picture of the changing table since it has it's snazzy snuggly pad cover now and filled baskets with clean clothes, blankets, and stuff.

Can't believe, God willing, there will be a baby here in 10 days.  Every once and a while it just hits me.

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