Thursday, December 11, 2008

Smashing Good Cakes!!

Let me start by saying, I've never ordered a cake. Yes, I'm approaching my mid 30's and never, ever paid for a cake. For birthdays around our house, either my mom or I've made the cakes. And, I've like it that way. UNTIL yesterday. Who knew ordering cakes could a) be SO fun and b) be SOOOOO freeing.

Roman's birthday was yesterday (I'll be adding that post soon, hopefully :) and last Thursday I had the brainstorm that I was just gonna let someone else make the cake. One less thing to do and more time to enjoy the day and not bow to the stress monster. So, I got online and started looking.

After looking at a few established bakeries, I had a brainstorm! Since I have a business and love to help fellow moms make their kids' birthdays extra fun, I also like to support other moms as they build their businesses! "I bet there's someone who makes cakes!" I thought. Duh, of course there is. So, now where can I find her?!

Stacy, a friend of mine, had invited me to check out a long time ago. And, although I use it rarely, I have found it valuable for things like this. That's where I originally came across Cowtown Camera Girl (the blog post below) and so I headed back there. Looked through quite a few cakers (kinda like bakers, but not), but REALLY wanted one with FABULOUS feedback AND a website where I could see her work.

FOUND MY CAKER!!! Smashing Good Cakes!! So, I called Ashley, the caker, and left a quick message. She immediately called back (in the middle of making 5 cakes for various baby showers.....other people are using her....this is a good sign!). I inquired about her pricing, if she thought she wanted to give my design a try, and if she had time to fit my cake in.

I sent her over a quick image and she responded that evening (after the 5 cakes!) to tell me she could do it! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, I ordered a 12 inch square (didn't know that existed, but was VERY excited), 2 layer (one white, one chocolate) Transformer Autobot Mask cake.

Picked it up yesterday and loved the way it looked. But, when I showed it to the boys and saw their reaction, I loved it EVEN MORE!!

The true test of a cake is obviously it's taste, right? But here's the problem, I'm not a cake person. I'm a self proclaimed pie preferrer. So, I was not expecting my taste buds to react like they did. OH MY WORD!!! Totally blown away. Ashley cakes from scratch and puts some special ingredient in her chocolate. We served this delicacy with milk (thanks to my milk pourer, again, Stacy, my mamasource referrer. Thanks for your help!) and it was HEAVENLY!

All this to say, check her out. Her website is not all blingy, but her work is! She's out of Keller, TX (close to you Elizabeth!), but I drove from South Fort Worth and will gladly drive again!!
The only problem I found is that, really, to order a cake "just because" seems a little excessive. So, I can't wait until the spring when we need ANOTHER one for our spring son. OR, maybe I'll order one for Dane's birth in Feb. Of course, he'll be clueless, but we'll enjoy it. And, it WILL be his birthday. UMMmmmmmm.....that's on option!!!

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The Lowe Family said...

okay i AM a cake person and i can tell by seeing how thick that squre cake that it's YUMMY!! I wanna eat some now. Hmm...