Friday, January 15, 2010

The results are in!!!

I have had soooo much fun with this fun shoe giveaway thanks to Scire4 at etsy!!

Thanks to every one of you for entering, sharing this info with your blog readers, and posting it for your friends to see on facebook!! We had over 50 entries! Not to shabby for the first ever giveaway!!

I loved, loved, loved hearing about your favorite shoes. So many of you had great stories!!

Like Jennifer, my friend from growing up, who loved her hard-to-find shoes SO much, she bought another pair she'd happened upon and then threw the shoe box away with the new shoes inside (pregnancy brain). She is STILL wearing the original pair!!! That's some dedication to those shoes, girl!

Lots of flip flops girlies, a couple of Converse die hards, some slipper lovers, some girls after my own heart....the no-shoe chicks, and even a red leather high heel hottie (bom chika wa wa!). You guys made it a blast!

Drum Roll Please............

As decided by, the winner of these cuties from Scire 4

is....... CAROL, the bobby sock and saddle oxford wearin' renegade who rolled her short skirt up even shorter AFTER she got to school. Carol, you hot trottin' mama, you! Carol has a super beautiful new granddaughter named Olivia, and I'm just guessing that Olivia might be cuddling her toes into her new shoesies soon!

Congratulations Carol! And, THANK YOU Hilda at Scire4 for your generous giveaway!

The rest of yous (as my grandma would say), these shoes are $11 or $12 with the sweet embellishment. And, if you order yours by Tuesday, 1/19, you can get $1 shipping!!! Definitely a great price and an amazing product. Get yours here!!


The Lowe Family said...

uhhhh...i thought we had a deal...

Bonnie said...

What the crap!? I really wanted those!

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Carol!


Lil Eskimo said...

Go Bonnie! Get some for the new babykin!!