Friday, January 1, 2010

I hate resolutions

...but, for some reason today I've found myself thinking of the new year. I know, it's January 1st, so it comes with the territory. I'm giving in....not to resolutions. I'm choosing to call them "goals". Here they are, in no particular order:
  1. More disciplined prayer time.
  2. Read the Bible through this year.
  3. Clean my bathrooms more frequently. I'm not disclosing my aim because then you'd know "how bad" it is at this point.
  4. Date nights. We'll shoot for once a month. That's a BIG, HUGE, MASSIVE jump on the current, so my goal might be too ambitious. We'll see.
  5. Physical activity at least 5 days a week. Nothing big and bad just about 30 minutes of mild exercise to regain my tone.
  6. Clean my refrigerator once a month.
  7. Work with the kids on scripture memory. I'd like to work on one verse every couple weeks.
I am going to stop here. Wouldn't want to overwhelm myself. I'll revisit in June. If I've been successful with most of my goals, I'll add a few more.

Now you know mine. What's your top goal for the year?


Anonymous said...

I'm available to babysit for when you two want to have your date nights :)

Anonymous said...

Cleaning the frig could be a kid's chore, I bet Roman is tall enough to do it. Make him a spiffy, spray bottle of his own with your cleaner in it and train him to do it. He'll love it! Start small with the lower shelves and the door shelves. It could be the BIG BOY job. What do you think? I'm all about training someone else to do it.


Lil Eskimo said...'re probably right. gonna have to try this out!