Monday, December 14, 2009

Festive Ideas

Most of you are probably already in the swing of many of these, but just in case your brain hurts from shopping and you're feeling uninspired at this point, I thought I'd throw out some ideas.

***Take a family drive in pajamas with hot chocolate (cups with lids. go through McD's if you need to.) and cookies and look at Christmas lights. Don't forget to put in a Christmas CD, turn it to a Christmas channel, or if you're lucky enough to have a high end ride like us, throw in your favorite Christmas cassette. :)

***Get a group and go caroling. Seriously. Our church does this annually at local resident homes. I had to miss this year due to a puking child, but Roman tagged along with our super duper friends and had the BEST time! My sweet neighbor today mentioned getting a group of us together and walking around our neighborhood. This does NOT take alot of planning. Pick a couple songs, bundle up, walk around, and sing. Imagine the response!

***Bake Christmas goodies together. It's not hard to whip up some peppermint bark (we're gonna put crushed up pretzels in ours tomorrow....chocolate peppermint pretzely yummy!) or easy fudge (recipe on the back of jet puffed marshmallow creme) or homemade chex mix or whatever holiday snack makes your heart melt. SOOOO many of these things kids can get right in there and help!

***Have a holiday movie night. Don't forget the popcorn and junior mints (I got ours last night!).

***Take the kids to the Dollar Tree (or other dollar store) and let them pick out presents for the members of your family. Of course, keep your eye on them, but keep a safe distance and let them do the choosing. I remember doing this at WalMart as a kid. Such a great memory. Of course, I thought more was, well, more, so my mom got a whole lotta junk....a mini cactus (cause everyone needs one of those), some stinky bath cubes, and a few other things she would've never missed. But, I was so proud to give her gifts I'd chosen. Can't wait to see what my kids pick out for me. ;)

***Let your kids sleep under the tree.

***If you haven't already been celebrating a Biblical advent, it's not too late. Count down the last days to the celebration of Christmas by focusing on the Christ child, the perfect Son of God sent to redeem us from our sins. If you would like some verses to use, check these out. Our family time is neat this time of year by incorporating the anticipation of Christmas. The kids love to sing carols and pray for family.

***Read Christmas books together. I plan to read The Best Christmas Pageant Ever with the boys next week while they're on Christmas break. I loved that book as a kid, haven't read it since, and can't wait to see what they think.

***Give to another family or individual. Give to someone you know has need. Doesn't have to be a monetary need or even a physical need. And, it doesn't have to be wrapped presents. You can invite them to dinner or to spend time with your family. Or, you could offer babysitting or give grocery gift cards. SOOOO many options.

I'd love to hear your ideas for family holiday fun, traditions, sharing love with others, and all things festive!


Anonymous said...

Dena, these are all fantastic ideas! I plan to do some baking this week with Matt. Enjoy your movie night watching Home Alone, the boys are going to LOVE it! Also if you need any help this week to get shopping done with Ernie and need a babysitter just let me know :)

Anonymous said...

This is why I read your blog, Dena. You manage to keep the focus on Christ and your family.

I love all of your ideas. We still haven't looked at Christmas lights yet and I like the jammy and hot chocolate idea. And hey, wanna trade cassettes?? :) I have some Barry Manillo....kidding.

The Lowe Family said...

i'm gonna do three of these suggestions. two of which we always do...and the other? a new experience! thanks dude.