Monday, November 30, 2009

Contemporary Portraits

Contemporary Portraits. Rock! My! World!

Like I told you a few posts back, we had a photo session with Vanessa and Jessica from Contemporary Portraits a few weeks ago. We walked into the session with some trepidation. 3 small children. 2 adults who are photo phobic. Enough said. But, let me tell you, we enjoyed every last minute. Honestly. If we weren't laughing at ourselves, we were laughing at this dynamic duo. They were A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.! Completely set us at ease. Gave us specific direction. We didn't look at the time the entire shoot, but well over 2 hours later, everyone was as content as when we arrived and we couldn't believe that much time had passed. I hadn't even received one, not even ONE, "save me please, let this be over" look from Ernie. And THAT says ALOT!!

About a week ago I received my password to look at our pics. TODAY I received the CD in the mail. ANNNNNDDDD!! A beyond belief photobook that Vanessa made for me. Does the customer service NEVER stop!!!?? I did NOT expect this. WoW, seriously the coolest thing! This makes today my favorite mail day of December. It's official.

So, here are some of my favorites. Unfortunately, I don't think blogger can handle every last picture, so I'll try to narrow them down.

Believe it or not, these are only a few of my favorites. There are soooo many more! I know this is photo gluttony and all, but I couldn't hold it in. Check Contemporary Portraits out! I hope you're as impressed as I am.


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous family you have, girl!! Wow, these are just great.

Another friend just got fam pix taken as well, with all the autumn background. I think I've missed the window of opportunity for this year.

You are surely blessed, what a darling bunch you have!


Laura said...

Those ARE really good. I like the one of you and your hubby---they all look natural and like y'all are all having fun. Now I'm gonna hate mine! I'm still waiting to see 'em...

The Lowe Family said...

i LOVE the one of you and ernie! and the family first one is the best! i love the baby legs on the little man. where on earth did u get that idea????????

Cowtown Camera Girl said...

These are fantastic!!!! How fun! :0)

Lisa said...

I love all of them!