Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Field Day 2009!!!

This was big fun for us! This week is the culmination of the year with Ernie's classes (he's the PE Coach) and both the big boys got to participate!!


We call this Determination.
It's a frog. It's a kangaroo. It's ROMAN!!!!
Getting flags is just a great excuse to chase a cute girl.
Roman LOVED this game!
Let's give him a hand for a great Kindergarten Field Day!!
Daddy with Roman!

Elijah says Hi!
He's supposed to be hopping. Instead, he's posing for a picture. First things first I guess.
What do you do when someone takes your flag?
I guess you sit down in the field and pout. Missed that rule.
Elijah with Daddy
Elijah with one of his aides. His teacher and aides are AMAZING.
Extra patient and loving and we need that!

Dane's decided to start taking naps (Hallelujah chorus!!) and Field Day hit right in the middle. So, this is what he thought of most of the morning.
Here's happy Daddy Bear with littlest cub who's been awakened by MUCH laughter and fun. He's ready to go back to sleep......

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The Lowe Family said...

thats soooo much fun! i bet ernie had more fun that roman showing off his troops!