Thursday, April 30, 2009



It IS a paint roller!!  Now I owe you 2 prizes (talk about better late than never...I really AM making a Post Office run this weekend! :)

Lisa Lou has been a busy bee painting what seems like her ENTIRE house and I've had a blast following the metamorphosis on facebook.  

I chose this What is IT??? because I am ALSO in the throws of painting.

In our nicely organized garage we have an entire shelf dedicated to paint.  For our house, I am not a fan of white walls.  On the other hand, Ernie revels in whiteness (that's why he married me! ;).  With that said, I'm pretty sure, over the years, I've won him over to color. At first, he was resistant, now he just rolls with it and seems to ACTUALLY like it when mayonaise turns to a rainbow of color.

And, since we have our heavily laden shelf of paint from past endeavors, there are LOTS of colors to choose from for new jobs.  In fact, when Mom & Dad were here for Dane's birth, Dad painted our garage with the leftovers of 3 cans of paint.  We just mixed them in a 5 gallon bucket and VOILA!, we had a great color that made it look crisp, clean, and the recipient of many compliments from neighbors!

So, recently I visited the paint shelf and dug out 2 colors we used in our previous house.  I loved them there and have FINALLY decided to use them for the upstairs and Dane's room.  Took them to Lowe's for a little shaky shake and they're as good as new (or 3 years old)!

I meant to take pictures of the partially finished stairwell and the paint roller in "whole" form, but I plugged the camera in earlier this morning to charge and came back to find it uncharged, primarily because it helps to PLUG THE CORD IN THE WALL.  So, we'll have to forego visuals today (Sorry MaDonna..I know you were counting on those.  I'll try to be smarter than the camera next time. :).

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