Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Paula's HOT!!

She was right.  The "What is IT?" WAS a close up of the USPS Logo. YEAH Paula!!!!  Two weeks in a row!!  Jessica, I DID get it off some priority mail tape and thought you were gonna get it on a technicality, BUT I verified with that it is, in fact, the actual logo for the whole shabang.

So, THIS is what came to me Priority Mail....

Make sure you blow this up so you can see all the fun expressions.  I chose every shot for a reason and love the variety.

I know MY photo leaves much to be desired (no, Dane doesn't have a large gaping hole in his's the flash), but Nell's work is soooooo good.  So, I'm posting this because I love great ideas and want to share this one with you.

Here are the details.... the picture in the middle is a 10 X 20 mounted on double matboard and the smaller pictures are 6 X 9's mounted on single matboard.  They are all lustre coated and look spectacular.  I ordered them from  The website is a professional photographer website (or so they say and I believe 'em) and they offer a whole lotta sizes, paper choices, mounting, etc. and they are EXTREMELY affordable.

These beauties will hang in our stairwell on painted "frames".  I will post a finished product when it gets finished.  Don't hold your'll probably be a while considering I can't decide what paint colors to use.  Or, maybe I'll get a wild hair and just get it done. Time will tell.....

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Cowtown Camera Girl said...

It's so fun for me to see these! I think what I like the most is to see which ones you like the best. I love the one where you can see your hands in the pic!