Monday, April 6, 2009

And the winner is......................FINALLY

Alisa!!!!  You were right.  The first picture is a feeding log for Dane and the second picture is a coffee pot with burned coffee.

Now for the stories......

When I was in the hospital, they had me track feeding and pooping. Well, when I got home, I ditched the pooping after the first few days, but tracking his eating....that's a different story.  So, he's 9 weeks today and until last Wednesday, I was STILL writing down every time he ate and how much.  That is, until, my neighbor saw what I was doing and accused me of being as OCD as her.  I assured her that it wasn't an OCD issue and prompty threw the stack away. Here's a zoomed out picture of the "whole" shabang.  Yep, every, 8 1/2 weeks X 8-10 feedings a day = time to throw it away!

So, I threw THOSE away, but don't tell her I started a new sheet.  I promise I'll only keep one at a time.  It helps me not have to wonder. Leave me alone J. Lowe. 

And, picture #2.  On the same day as the feeding log throw away, I'd been smelling this yummy smell in my house.  I've started making coffee every so often, so thought it was just the delicious aroma of the vanilla coffee my mom bought while she was here in February. And, it was.  Little did I know that it was the delicious smell of the completely evaporated (or whatever happens to it) coffee burning on the bottom of the coffee pot.  It took my OCD neighbor to comment on it for me to hunt down the smell.  I kept thinking maybe I'd drink the rest of it.  Guess next time I should just go ahead and flip that switch!

Thanks for guessing!!  I CROSS MY HEART that I will do SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better posting the result this week.  So, remember watch out for the new "What is it?" this Wednesday.  I already have it ready!  Will you guess right?


Mrs. Russell said...

I am so ready this week!! I can play :)
And I am not *that* OCD. ok, maybe i am .

Mama Bear said...

i love you AND your OCD! so glad you're next door!

The Lowe Family said...

i was sooooo close..