Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A little taste of MinneSOta!

Years and years ago, in a galaxy far away, I went on a business trip to Minneapolis.  There are a number of things I remember about this trip. 
  1. I met Ernie the night before I flew out.  Never expected to see him again.  Never expected that night to turn into a lifetime together.  But, that's a post for a day when I'm not trying to beat a speech therapy session and a baby about to wake up.
  2. I got to play a mean game of paintball before my flight out that went longer than planned and barely made my flight. We're talking screeching tires, smoke blowing speed to the airport.  Not sure how I would've explained missing the flight to my boss.
  3. I grew up in Missouri, so I know what cold is, but I don't know that I'd ever experienced COLD until that week.  Hello!  Can we say FREEZING!!!
  4. I found out from colleagues that the "old" files I thought I was cleaning up from our system were actually needed by the sales force to "track" clients.  Whoops! :)
  5. And, most importantly.  We ate somewhere with a whole wad of people and I had the YUMMIEST soup imaginable (to that point in my life).  Chicken and Wild Rice Soup.  Seriously guys, this stuff was to die for.
At this point, my taste bud memory has faded, so I don't REALLY remember exactly (or at all) what that soup tasted like, but I have never forgotten how amazing it was.  This taste, was a culinary marker in my life, for sure.

Okay, maybe that's a little dramatic, but I have kept my eyes open for a recipe that looks like it might come close to the soup that I remember so little, but so much about.

I may have found it.  HERE it is!  Check it out!!  I made it last night for the first time and my crew polished it off.  It made so much that our new friendly neighbors, the crazy Russell's were the recipients of some.  I called Mama Russell to get her honest opinion before I posted some horrible recipe for all to see.  She gave the soup glowing reviews....all her bears liked it...Mama, Papa, and Baby Bears.

Don't get intimidated by some of the "big" words like roux.  Okay, that's the only big word.  Or by some of the ingredients you might not have on hand like the cream.  Just put it on your grocery list and pick it up.

The one thing I did different is that I have been using my own chicken broth (from my boiled chickens...if you missed the chicken post, it's somewhere before this one).  I just keep the broth, freeze it, and defrost when I need it.  So, I added more salt than this recipe called for since my broth was unsalted.  Also, when you reheat this for lunch or leftovers, add some water to bring it back to soup consistently (it gets thick with refrigeration).

Try it out!  We ate ours with toasted cheese and apples.  Boy was it tasty!

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