Saturday, March 7, 2009

Can you believe THIS?!?!?!?

Our boys LOVE LOVE LOVE The Imagination Movers!  Check out these photos of this morning's concert! 

We got to participate in the Meet & Greet after the show.  How? you might ask.....all I did was email in advance and ask!  My motto is "all they can say is no", but they said "YES!!!!"

Scott is Roman's #1 Mover Love.  Here his is with his Mover Hero. Before we left home this morning, he told me, "I look just like Mover Scott only my hair is shorter!"  Personally, I think he's cuter, but then I AM his mama. :)

Elijah watching Mover Rich sign his "scribble stick" (drumstick!). Elijah so would've stayed with Rich instead of coming home.  He was staring dreamily at him even when the next family was meeting & greeting.  We had to shuffle him along.

Dane at the concert.  Hanging out loving life.  And, I'm loving the timing of his nap!

Movers on stage.  This rocks!  These guys give an awesome show.  If your kids like them and they come to YOUR city, check 'em out!  Rock On Gearheads!


The Lowe Family said...

i cannot beLIEVE this! i would have never thought to "just ask"

how awesome for ur boys!! my kids would have been stoked!

The Willis Family said...

Jessica was just telling me about this, this morning! How awesome!!!!

I do have to kick her butt from time to time! She might act all big and bad...but she isn't!

Thanks for the comment:) And Rocky is a cute name....but I'm pretty sure that Rocky for a girl, won't be that cute? She'd foresure be a tomboy!