Saturday, February 28, 2009

sleepin' like a baby

One of my Facebook friends, put it best, "Amazing how easily we forget what it is like to get up every two hours!"

I must say, that, as of today (of course, tomorrow could be WAY different), Dane's doing GREAT sleeping.  A couple days ago I thought someone had traded my good sleeper and replaced him with a fussy baby, but I think it was just a small allergic reaction to something in the air (we'd left the windows open).

Regardless, the words of my dear 4th grade friend are oh so true. Even though little doodle butt seems to be in a great rhythm (God is Good!), that still means he's eating every 3 hours.  Which leaves roughly 2 hours in between the finish of one feed and back to sleep and the waking of the next feed.

So, for now, full sleep cycles are on hold.  There a little man who needs his milk!

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