Saturday, February 21, 2009

She said WHAT?!

I write this post with the disclaimer that we ABSOLUTELY loved the nursing staff, doctors, and facility at our last visit to "having a baby land", but couldn't let this funny anecdote go by without sharing it.

So, Ernie and I are in our hospital room hanging out when our evening nurse comes in to check on us.  We had the same nurse every evening so we got to know her more than the others and she seemed to like us (as we did her) so she would stay to have some real conversation at least once in every evening.  So, one night she sees Ernie using the computer and goes up to ask what he's looking at. He's watching some movie and then minimizes it to show her something else and she sees this...

the wallpaper that Ernie put on our computer.

This is us celebrating Ernie's birthday in July 2007.  I actually went and got a sexy little dress, our good friends C & H kept the boys overnight for us, we had a fun night in downtown Fort Worth, and then promptly went home exhausted and fell asleep watching a movie.  

She's obviously surprised, stunned, even, by the photo and makes a comment like "What in Holy Toledo?! When in the world did you EVER look like THAT?!"  Okay, maybe her words weren't as emphatic.  I'm sure I'm exaggerating a bit, but the thought was definitely there. Her next statement though, IS verbatim.  Etched in my brain, never to leave.  She followed up her complete surprise with, "Wow, it's amazing the difference a couple of years can make!"

Okay, like with so many other statements I've received over the years, once again, I thank God that I'm not an ultrasensative person. After all, I was postpartum with unheard of levels of estrogen surging through my veins.  Instead, I chose to remember that she WAS looking at this....

me after retaining every drop of water within a mile radius of me.

Amazing what a couple years can make?  Uh, more like, what a difference a couple months can make.  After all, my scales now tell me (depending on the time of day), that I've lost between 30-35 lbs in the last 2 1/2 weeks.  I'd love to think that the weight is actual weight lost, but I'm fairly sure that it's just the crazy amount of fluid I was carrying around.

And, here's some food for thought.  Just hit me yesterday that the amount I've lost is equal to the body weight of our middle son. Hello?! Now, THAT'S a crazy thought.

Anyway, note to self, commenting on anyone's weight should be put in the same category as asking a woman if she's pregnant without certain proof (like a positive pregnancy test IN HAND) that she is.  


The Lowe Family said...

that is the most hilarious thing ever in the whole world. did u jump outta the bed and punch her in the gut? u'd think with the amount of pregnant ppl she sees daily that she's KNOW that ppl don't really look their SELF when they come in to deliver a child. my heck.

i love the hospital picture, whatever weight your face may be in it. we've all been there...

Mason5n1 said...

That was HEE-LARRY-OUS!!!! Whew, that nurse was full of great bedside manner HEEE-HHHEEEE. That makes me feel better about my nurse looking in the bathroom trying to find the "patient" when I had gotten dressed and was sitting up on the bed with hair combed and makeup. I asked her who she was looking for and she was like, "the lady that had the baby" She seriously didn't know it was me. Isn't it great how versatile God made us??????