Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just a Slingin'

We're expecting a little boy on February 2. We haven't been down the newborn road for 6 years now and much has changed. Not with the newborns, of course, but with the newborn STUFF. God has provided most of the necessities that I have since given, sold, or donated away. BUT, one piece o' gear has caught my eye that wasn't "all the rage" when Roman was tiny. A sling!

My mom recently brought me some of my old doll clothes that she made for my babies when I was a little girl. And, in the mix was a little sling that I remember toting my babies in. I loved it! So, it seems like I might like toting Dane in a sling too. I'd use the one my mom brought, but something tells me it won't fit quite right.

Here's where you all come in. I need some input. I've not known anyone who loved their sling like I think I might. And, honestly, I haven't done much research at all, so I thought I'd start here. Please give me your opinion. If you know someone who has used/is using a sling they hate/like/love, let them know I need their feedback too.

I do know there are slings that are only for newborns and then there are ones that "grow" with the kid. I'm open to feedback about both. Because I'm practical, it makes sense to go for one that gives the most miles, but I realize that might not be the best option.

To date, I have only 2 responders to my posts (I think, maybe 3 tops), so if you are reading this and you have an opinion, please let me know. Your thoughts will be much appreciated!


Alice said...

I didn't use a sling..but have one called "Native Carrier" if you want me to mail it to you. Also, I used a "Baby Bjorn" carrier and also a "Baby Ergo" carrier and LOVED the does not hurt your back at all!!!! your research and if you like the "Native Carrier" sling...let me know.


The Lowe Family said...

i used something similar to a moby wrap and i really liked it around the house and isaak LOVED it and it also is good for growing WITH the baby because there are so many different ways to wrap. BUT my issues with it were it was hot (in texas of course) and wasn't TOO convienant when you go the grocery store and u just wanna throw it on and pop a baby in it, ya know?

the ring slings look cool though, they seem to grow with the baby more than the plain fabric ones do. I tried on a sling without a ring and it was SO tight and uncomfortable and isaak was crushed in it..bleh, i don't suggest one without an adjustment like a ring.

Cowtown Camera Girl said...

Hi Dena! I loved the sling that I had for our son when he was a little baby. It's called Hotslings. I used it a ton in the beginning when he was really tiny (up until about 3-4 months) and then every once in a while when I remembered it when he was a little bigger. I'm guessing the last time we used it was when he was about 8-9 months old but they say you can use it up until maybe 2 years old. It's really easy to put on and there's not too much material to it so I never got warm wearing it. Here's their website: