Wednesday, October 22, 2008

CELEBRATE! It's National Change your Vaccuum Filter Day!

Or not. But, it IS Dena Changed Her Vaccuum Filter Day and for that, the dust bunnies tremble.

Maybe you're better at this than me, but my vaccuum filter has NEVER (yes, you read that right) been changed since we got the vaccuum way too long ago. Yes, I've seen the Oprah where she goes to homes and exposes their filth for all to see and reveals that we all have 100 trillion skin cells sloughing each second (or whatever it is). And, yes, the Kirby vaccuum cleaner man has vaccuumed a single spot on my carpet 100 times and STILL got dirt to come up. But, the carpet LOOKS clean. And, all of my friends leave their microscopes at home, so I'm safe with my nasty filter secret.

But, today's the day. The Target: an F1 HEPA filter that is supposed to keep allergens and crud out. With Cheesecake (as seen in video) trampling around and leaving enough fur to clothe a small animal for the winter, I do bang the filter on the outside trash can and empty the canister every time I vaccuum. And, to the surprise of my dad, I do vaccuum often. BUT, I've just not tracked down the right filter for our machine.

So, today, as I began to vaccuum, the dust smell was too much. What's the point of having a shiny clean carpet with a lingering dust smell from my crazy filter? Then, I did it, I searched for the closest retailer with my filter and set out to snatch it up!

Back at Home......While my handsome assistant unwrapped the prize, I washed out the canister in preparation for reinsertion (why does that word feel a little weird there?). I gave the honor to short stuff and we were on the way to not only carpets that LOOK clean, but carpets that ARE least until the Kirby guy shows up with another 100 of his circle filters thingys.

So, when's the last time you changed your filter? Let this side by side comparison sink in. Okay, I knew it was bad, but had NO idea.

So, do it! Claim your stake of clean ground!! Down with the dust bunnies!


The Lowe Family said...

so THATS what causes that wretched smell everytime i vacuum? wow. maybe i should change mine. mine looks just as dirty if not MORE because it has all the dust gathered up around it in the see through thingy. i'm kinda scared to open it and remove it and then "reinsert" a new one.

poor elijah..why did u make him hold all those germs? he reminds me of one of those hispanic kids on sesame street that point out the obvious. remember those?

Mama Bear said...

It was like magic to be able to vaccuum without feeling the stench.

He DOES sound a bit like Grover with his "Dirty" and "C-lean". Sesame Street rocked/s!