Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dear Mom....

Delivered to me this evening before bedtime.....

"you are nice, and kind, and sweet I like how you take care of us and I like your hair and your close I like you a lot. can you right to me thank you if you do. I hope you have a grat day tomorrow if you do tell me please. ox ox ox ox ox xo xo Love Elijah"

Left at his breakfast spot....

"Sweet Elijah, I enjoyed your note. Your words made me smile. I am thankful you are my son. It makes me happy to hear what you have to say. Have a super day at school. Make great choices! I love you Elijah. Hugs to you, Mama."

I am extremely excited about something new around here. Elijah has been known to deliver notes to me over the years. He always asks me to return the favor. Recently his requests brought to mind an idea I'd heard years ago, mother/daughter journals. A book where you can write back and forth to each other. The daughter can feel free to write questions, concerns, and feelings in a safe format and the mother can respond. Seeing as how there are a bunch of boysies in my house and no girls, I'd never thought of this for us. But, it was essentially what he was asking me to do. So, I took some rockin' pictures of the big boys and got journals made with their photos and names on the front and we started us some dialogue.

I'm looking forward to the coming weeks, months, and years. I pray this is an avenue God will use to continue and deepen the connection we have. I pray these journals will be something for them to reflect on. That being able to read loving words will be salve to them on days they've received consequences they don't like. That being able to write down their frustrations will be a constructive outlet when they're irritated at me, a brother, a teacher, or a friend. That at times when I can see they're struggling or excelling, I can write encouragement or praise and they'll have the chance to read it as many times as they want. That maybe one day they'll feel more comfortable writing questions they feel awkward asking and then I'll have the opportunity to be the one who answers instead of them going to misinformed friends or worse, google.

I'm thankful little Elijah wants to hear from his mom and I canNOT wait to hear from him!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

My first born big boy baby

Over 9 years ago, my sweet, cuddly, kind biggest boy was born. I really like him. Since him, we've added three more brothers making him the oldest of four. Sometimes this tender hearted first born gets the short end of the stick. After all, sharing with three brothers can be hard. Understanding how to wait while I help a littler boy can be hard. Choosing to be nice when a younger brother is is not can be hard.

Roman has his moments. Sometimes it's difficult to chose a right way, but more often we find him doing things like putting a smile on the face of a little brother who's frustrated that he can't play like he wants because he has a full leg cast.

I know being the oldest is a big responsibility. We pray he will continue to receive God's strength to be a great example and encourager to his little bros.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

I WAS there, really.

I'm photo phobic. Self proclaimed. I've said many times that I hope I look better "in action" because somehow my photos never look like what my mirror shows me. So, it's normally totally and completely fine with me to be behind the camera instead of in front. After all, most times I have no undergarments on and have not tamed my bedhead (if you wait long enough, gravity plays its part :). My kids are cute. I'm secure in that. I'll gladly snap pics of them.

But, every once in a while, I wanna be IN the picture. I wanna say, "I'm the one who put all this fun together!" or "I really was at your birth, promise. I WAS there, really." So, I recruit someone to snap a picture (I've tried the whole hold it in front of myself thing. My arms must be too short because I've yet to get a complete person in one of those). Unfortunately, most of those times, I've been too busy getting everyone else their photo best that I look barely alive myself.

All this to say, Embrace the Camera is all about celebrating those moments! I'm linking to this week's challenge. Go check out some other fantastic moms and find some of those fun photos yourself. Embrace the Camera!!

Here we go!

One day this winter, we woke up to this! So, I spent 30 minutes bundling the big boys and myself up and we went outside to build forts, snowman, and throw crusty snowballs at each other.

2 hours, MUCH snow, and loads of photos of the boys later, I handed to camera to Ernie, "Take a pic of us, would ya?"

Oh yeah! The little boy. "Another one, with Dane?" His eyes are closed and we're guessing those are his brothers' backs. :)

Fast forward to Elijah's birthday. Look! It's me in the picture. I'm the one with the pink arm!!

Note to self: A little cleanser and lip gloss woulda gone a long way. :)

We're about to go on a trip and you better believe I'm gonna get better at this! I'm gonna be jumping in pics right and left. Maybe. :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lil' Vacation

We did it. We tackled a theme park! We went to the state fair once when Roman was 3 and swore that wouldn't happen again. Total RIP OFF. But, with a theme park, you pay admission and get to go hog wild.

Now that the big boys were ready, we have lil' bootie.

The Daddy was skeptical. I was going with or without Daddy and little boy. The boys had earned tickets from school, and, by golly, they weren't going to waste!

Daddy decided he'd give it a try, so we headed out and took the park by storm. Us and the random woman that stood there with her child forEVER. They look like they're in motion. It's a mirage. I waited and then finally gave up the ghost. They weren't going anywhere.

The boys LOVED the wet rides. They rode first with Ernie and then insisted I ride too. I'd forgotten exactly how walking around in squishy shoes and socks feels. It's been about a decade or so. Somehow, it didn't bother me. The boys were having the BEST time, so all was good!

They had GREAT attitudes. Roman asked on our way home if we could live there. After a day with no bickering, fighting, complaining, and arguing, it's a thought. Maybe they'd let us set up our beds. We could shower in the water rides and get extra big eating all the greasy food.

Dane was a fan of running wild.

So, then I noticed there were rides that even Dane could ride with me (after all, he DID like standing in line). So, of course, if you CAN ride it, you SHOULD. This one turned out okay (even though his expression stayed exactly the same the entire time. Thrilled. :).

There was this one, El Sombrero, that was a BAD idea. There's no picture of that. I'm thankful. We saw they were boarding and so we rushed to get on. WITHOUT watching the ride in motion. Yeah, pretty sure Dane was okay, but I spent the entire ride squeezing him into my armpit repeating, "You're okay. Mama's here." It's been 24 hours and I haven't noticed any Post Traumatic Stress symptoms. Pretty sure we're in the clear.

After that genius ride, we just let him drink out of random cups (from OUR family) and eat any of the snacks he wanted. It worked.

The big boys were on a roll and not stopping until they had to!

We had such a great day. We even went back in the evening for another 3 hours and closed the park down cause we're wild and crazy like that! I forgot my camera for Round 2, but remembered these crazy yahoos and had loads more fun!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

When the first boy was 17 (almost 18) months old, I thought he was SO big. I was ecstatic with his huge vocabulary and inquisitive nature. Now that he's 7 (and halfway to 8), I hate that his baby teeth are emptying out of his mouth and he has to think twice about holding my hand in public.

So, this little 17 (almost 18) month old little one can keep his one word vocabulary, sweet love, and mischievous ways for as loooooong as he wants.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I shoulda worn depends.

Because I spend WAY more time blog surfing than writing these days, I have gathered oodles and oodles of useless knowledge of crafts and recipes and such that I'll probably never actually make.

Like I'm really gonna have a craft activity ready every day when I don't realize Roman is wearing the top and bottom from different pajama sets and no underwear UNTIL we are walking into the Recreation Center.

Yeah, I can't even remember to make the cinnamon rolls I volunteered to bring to church (and had purchased all the ingredients for). Okay, that's not the entire truth. I DID remember to make them, when my eyes opened at 8:15 on Sunday AM. Too bad the process takes 4 hours.

Yep, pretty sure I'm not taking part in any "linky" parties this week.

So, anyway, I've seen scads and wads of great ideas to add to my endless "I should do that someday" list. I've even bookmarked or "followed" some. Like I'm really gonna go back and remember which fabulous ideas I was gonna try in the first place. BUT, tonight, I found the site that has broken my silence. I just HAVE to tell you all (I say "all" like there's anyone left checking besides my mom)!

Catalog Living. It's written by the girl in the Sonic commercials. The one in the car with her husband. Looks like it's a fairly new site, but it ROCKS.

It's not what you think. There are no hotdog cookies or t-shirt re-dos or organizational ideas. This, from what I can tell, is total entertainment.

Like this one,

"Sure Gary’s out of town, but I’m perfectly capable of starting a fire in the fireplace by myself, thank you very much."

or this one..

"Gary got the idea from a parking lot in New York. Sure the kids get rope burns climbing into bed, but their upper-body strength is amazing."

and THIS one...

"If you find yourself the last to arrive at Gary and Elaine’s dinner party, you’d better enjoy sitting on swivel stools and staring at images of a haunted forest all night."

one last one and then I'll let you go pee YOUR pants....

"Not only are they super-cute, but ever since we installed these nets our household cases of malaria are down 75%!"

Laughter is good you know!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

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