Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sweet gifts

I linked over to Room For More the other night from another blog. This is a family adopting two special needs girls from Ukraine. As an adoptive mom myself, I always love to learn about ways of helping other families.

If you check out the right side of the blog, there are six ways to be a part. I checked them all out, but the one that really caught my eye was Sarah at Flying Heartstrings, an etsy jewelry shop (and you already know how I feel about etsy :).

Sarah is donating 100% of sales to the adoption of two girls. What?! Yes, all of it! AND, right now she's offering free shipping. That means everything you spend will go straight to the need!

What I liked about Sarah...
  • dainty pieces
  • her extremely reasonable prices!
  • beautiful craftsmanship
  • her style!!!
  • the lightning fast shipping

I already have my pieces in hand. I chose a couple pair of the poppy earrings and absolutely adore the vivid colors, sweet presentation, and sparkly silver. And, they are only $5 a about a steal! Keep checking back over the next days. She plans to add some more styles and choices.

Don't forget Mother's Day and Teacher Appreciation Week are coming up. And, if you have friends with spring birthdays...these might be perfect! She has some items that would be extra cute on little girl ears. I've been scouring my brain for a little girl to give some to cause I think the boys would a) look funny with pierced ears and b) look funny with flowers hanging from their pierced ears.

Flying Heartstrings is her name and giving is her game. Check her out!!


Anonymous said...

Wow...thanks, are totally sweet!

The Lord has blessed me so much, I just wanted to pass it on...and right now He chose Kate and Charley for me to bless in my little way!

Thanks for trickling on God's perfect timing I know He will bring those two little cuties to there new home!


Kate said...

Eskimo, thank you SO very much for sharing about my girls & what Sarah is doing to help us raise money to get them home.

You have a lovely heart & I greatly appreciate this post! Thank you!!!