Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We Love Us Some Valentine's Day!

Really quick because I planned on doing this in late January. Just like I planned to do Christmas ideas in November and back to school in early August. And, if we wanna get REALLY technical, like I planned on actually sending prizes to the winners of "What is It?" back last spring when I had a newborn at home (i was definitely smoking crackers on that one).

So, here they are, just a couple, cause if I was super on the ball I'd have a whole list, but I hear Dane rustling right now and am typing like the wind.

I found massive quantities of individually boxed cereal one day as I was making a mad dash for the grocery store bathroom. Yeah, I know, not advisable, but completely necessary at that point. I'll spare you the details.

I tell you this because that's where these little guys were just stashed in the back shoveled in a cart. I got ten million (around 50) and figured I'd be able to do "something" with them for Valentine's Day.

I like to do things a little bigger than the normal card because I just think it's fun! The kids love it and most of the time, it's a much better value than buying the boxed cards anyway.

Here's what we came up with! I'm Loopy For You!
Of course, Roman and Elijah signed their names on the sides across the "ingredients" list.

They also had Apple Jacks. That could be, You're The Apple of My Eye!

We really do love our teachers. We think it's BEYOND important to let them know that, and for us, showing them at holidays is a great way to brighten their day. This is what we're doing this year.

Teacher, Hope your day is good to the last POP!

Inside the popcorn container is 3 bags of single serve popcorn decorated with shred in a cellophane bag tied with a ribbon thingy. I used all the decorative stuff because I already had it. If you knew how much of this decorative stuff I have, I'd be embarrassed, so if you don't have it, do NOT fret. This can EASILY be done with a bag of popcorn and a card. Or, pop (I'm punny :) it in a cute bag and call it a day.

If this kinda thing makes you happy. These are some of the cards I'm using for ours. Again, these were already made and when I DID make them eons ago, they didn't take long.

This is the idea we used last year and I really liked it too because seems like everyone can use some lotion this time of year. I just got some unscented slatherly stuff from Walmart in a cute pink tube. I think it was Neutrogena. This is NOT our picture. We don't know a Mrs. Lewis and no Calvin lives at our house. BUT, I did get this image at Family Fun. I have long loved their magazine and they have superb online resources as well. Go check out their Valentine ideas if you wanna.

Okay, lil' dude says "GET ME OUTTA BED!" I'm outta here!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

What cute ideas! I'm weinie-ing out for V-day, I haven't done a thing yet. Since we're snowed in, maybe I'll work on some of these ideas.


The Lowe Family said...

love the popcorn idea. love it.

and the fruit loops? i'm doing that next year.