Friday, February 12, 2010


Raising children in TX has a HUGE thumbs down for me this time of year. I have spent many fleeting seconds in terror that my children would never have a true snow day. Real snow. Not the threat. Not a sheer ice cover, but REAL SNOW with drifts and crunch and enough snow for forts and snowmen.

Today has squelched my fears. Yesterday, not too long after the boys got home from school, we received that all important call, NO SCHOOL!!!

This morning out our front door with 8 inches of snow!

This one is our snow bunny. He was up in the 5 o'clock hour begging to go outside. He was outside for over 4 hours building and throwing and running and having a grand ole time. He also ate two HUGE pancakes, two sausage patties, two over easy eggs, and peaches tonight for dinner.

Aren't they cute?

Aren't they cuter with snow in their faces?

He SHOULD be hanging his head in shame. :)

Armed with snowy weapons of mass destruction

Ahhhh. Our snowman with cracker eyes, carrot nose, prune mouth, and lightsaber arms.

Dane slept through alot of the fun, but I made Ernie take a picture with me and him. I think this brings the count up to 5 or something like that.

Gotta go now and get all the clothes dry for play day #3!


Amber said...

WooHoo....but your going to get sick of the snow...and want it to all melt away soon enough...just you wait!

Love the snowman...and the lightsaber arms! Good thinking boys!

The Lowe Family said...

i missed the tx snow :( blah.

girl look at ur followers!! i'm so proud!!!!! i remmeber just months ago you had like 10 followers all with NO faces. now you have 44 with a beautiful aray of smiles. OWN IT!!!