Thursday, November 5, 2009


Once a year, the boys have a fundraiser at school. Last year, Roman wanted to earn the biggest prize, but he wasn't willing to learn the "speech" and ask enough people. He settled for asking a few and getting the next best thing.

This year, he had his eye on the Big Kahuna. He practiced his talk and I went with him by foot, car, and phone until he got his goal. THANK GOODNESS "the day" was not last week when he was all piggy flu. Look what he got to do.

Transport: snazzy stretch hummer

Destination: CiCi's Pizza...Roman's maiden voyage to the pizza buffet.

Verdict: "They even have dessert! Cinnamon rolls and EVERYTHING!"

Lookin' like a natural.

This may be the single biggest cheese ball smile of his life. Excited doesn't even touch the tip of the iceberg!

Elijah decided this year he'd work for the second biggest prize. So, he joined Roman this afternoon for the Wii Party. An afternoon of bounce houses and a big ole screen with Mario Kart. Elijah had a blast!!!!

THANK YOU to all of you who bought cookie dough. I hope you're enjoying it as much as we are. Know that your support has helped the school buy some great technology for the students and has given Roman and Elijah a memorable afternoon!

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