Thursday, October 22, 2009

These things HAVE to be done...

In no particular hated order:

1. Clean the shower
2. Clean the refrigerator
3. Clean my room

Yep, I think that's it. I can keep most everything else done or halfway anyway. And, I actually enjoy doing the rest for my family. But, the 3 above are, well, I'll just call them a "challenge".

Okay, I don't hate the refrigerator...I just don't take time to give it the love it desires as often as it desires. Good thing it's an inanimate object and not a child. Whew! And, my room, I don't hate either...I just, for the life of me, can't seem to keep it clean. Couldn't when I was 8, can't when I'm, um, older than 8. BUT, the shower, I can 100% completely without disclaim say that I HATE it. I can handle the toilet. Floors. But, the shower. Bleck!

So, a few weeks ago, I was in Target and decided to look at cleaners. I got two.

Method Go Naked (cause who doesn't like to "go naked"?)

and Method DAILY SHOWER (clearly marked in ALL CAPS on the bottle).

Fast Forward. Today I'm fiiiinnnnalllllyyyy, after longer than I will ever disclose or even remember, cleaning my shower. After I finish and get it all spiffy. I jump in myself and get squeaky clean.
It's at this point, after taking my daily shower, that I remember seeing that the DAILY SHOWER works better when you "start with a clean shower". I DO have a clean shower for the first time in a few days less than forever...probably should jump on this. After all, isn't this the magic potion that's supposed to ensure that I will never again have to be on all fours scraping cruddy buddy off my shower floor?!

Imagining my life with a cleaner shower, off I go to fetch the DAILY SHOWER. Where is it? Where did I put it? Not under the kitchen or bathroom sink and those really are the only two options. Hmm.... I scan the bathroom...has it been in plain sight this whole time? Nope. Not there. BUT, the go naked cleaner IS here. Hold on, go naked CAN'T be in here because I use it a couple times a day to clean the kitchen counters and table. And, why is it completely full? So, that means.....

(my brain calculating as I sprint to the kitchen), oh, maaaaaan. I've been using DAILY SHOWER on my kitchen counter for weeks.

And I was sad because I thought I'd have to restock on go naked soon. Good news...I have an ENTIRE bottle left!

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