Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Duds!

I'm one of those people who puts their kids in only socks until they walk. Dane's not walking yet, but God willing everyone in our house will be well, and we'll be able to go ahead and keep our family photo shoot (sounds so Hollywood, huh?) Saturday morning. Over the past few weeks I've been scavenging for clothes for us to know, the coordination thing.

I started at the thrift stores because they are my favorite place to start (and finish :). I've found some great things, but wasn't having much luck with shoes for Danesky. Because he's not walking, I didn't want regular shoes...I feel like they're too heavy for a beginner. What to do, what to do?!

Etsy! Of course!! Etsy is a website that showcases handmade items of ALLLL kinds. After some searching, I found Heathers Hobbies. She knits, bags, scarves, etc., but my favorite item of hers, BY FAR, are these adorable little shoes. Look at the detailing and craftsmanship! I custom ordered mine to be black with gray accent stitching. They got here today in the cutest package, and I'm so pleased!!

on his little feetsies!

If you've EVER looked at Etsy, you know what an abyss it is. So, I found the cutest velvet jacket for Dane (at a resale store), I found the shoes, and wanted something for his leggies.

I've used babylegs for him some as he's been crawling. They're great on his knees and they are way easier than unsnapping & resnapping 20 snaps for a kid who can't be bothered by a diaper change. And, of course, they appeal to the 80's child in me! :)

Since they were on my brain, I did some searching on etsy and found Crawler Covers. Get this, they are 1000 times more affordable than babylegs or any of the store brands. $10 delivered to my door (and i JUST saw that she's doing free shipping during the holidays...that makes it $8!).

The Complete Ensemble!

So, now all we need is healthy kids and I think we're ready for this photo thing. I've only been looking forward to it....since April or so! Of course, pics and more info later!!

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The Lowe Family said...

i have to have those shoes. for myself AND my babies.