Saturday, October 17, 2009


I was in the other room (Dane was within eyeshot of Ernie) and I heard Dane laughing and laughing. I HAD to see what it was all about. Seems that Elijah was entertaining Dane through the backdoor.

There are a couple of moments on this that make me laugh outloud!!!!

As always, I filmed too long because I'd hate to miss a really cute moment if I turned it off too soon. Sorry to subject you to too much cuteness. :)

Oh, and, if you noticed that he's wearing a diaper with navy socks and that's it. That's the sure sign that Daddy changed him last. Couldn't be bothered to put his cute outfit back on him, so that a bonus for you....roly polyiness...can't ever have too much of that!


Bonnie said...

Mom had to sneak up on him and ruin all the fun! He was just a giggling until you showed!

Hey was that the UT/OU game on in the background?

Lil Eskimo said...

i know bonnie that's one of the parts that cracks me up. i just wanted to get his face. he CLAMS up around the camera...can't figure it out. i love how he WANTS to yell some more but shoves his whole hands in his mouth instead.

why yes, that WAS the ut game in the background. :)

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute, cute!! I love the sound of football in the background! Sounds like our house on Saturdays.

It's so pitiful to see the baby of the family with their little noses pressed on the back door, wanting to catch up with the bigger kids....


Lydianne said...

Hi Dena,

I got your comment about the VBAC. I just wanted to let you know my doctor's reason for having the initial c-section. My son was measuring big, and I am small, so they called the C, even before I went into labor...even after I argued with them (they really scared me with some horror stories) so I have never, ever labored. I will say that my son WAS big...a whopping 9 lbs 3 oz, but I really think I could have had him naturally even with his large size as long as I had a supportive provider. My whole family is small, and all the women have had big baby's (I was 8.5 lbs at birth, but very about as wide as I was tall). If I would have failed my GD test, that would have been one thing, but I didn't. Anyways, I have since found a different doctor, and found a lot of other information about my old OB practice that I wish I would have known prior (like their super high c-section and induction rate). My new doctor is totally supportive, but we are having to drive 30 minutes just to find a hospital and practice that does any VBACs.

By the way, I don't think there is anything wrong with c-sections or RCS, I just feel like I didn't have a choice with my first, and I wanted to have a chance with this we don't know how many kids we want, and I don't really want my initial c-section to affect our decision if I can help it.

Thanks for your input. I like hearing both sides.


chubskulit said...

Hahahaha, my two kids and I had a great laugh with your son's video. They want to play it over and over again hehehe. He is so husky and cute in a diaper lol..

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