Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Fun!

Sunday afternoon Ernie rode off into the sunset to go watch the first ever Cowboys football game in the new stadium. He's big stuff!

The boys and I, we hung out. We immediately headed outside so I could hack on the front bushes (you know how I like to prune!). Dane in his exersaucer drooling down his naked chest, Elijah riding his bike, & Roman looking through his lego magazine. It didn't take long though until the big boys were in my space doing whatever they could to distract me from my Mr. Miagi moment. So, I sent them to knock on neighbor doors.

An hour or so and much fun later, we said goodbye to friends, and I headed upstairs to see the grand creation Roman, Elijah, and their 2 friends masterminded. Check it out! It's a ship! How fun is this? They have their toys in it; they can sit in it. When they flood the upstairs to see if it floats, we're in trouble.

And, since I had the camera in head, I HAD to take pictures of my sweet, handsome boys.
Roman Doodle.

Elijah in mid-groove.

Roman shaking his booty. He's WAY into the mood!

So, Roman's bustin' a smooth move. Elijah, on the other hand, went straight to the ground to do some breakin'.

They are silly silly.

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The Lowe Family said...

uhmm...i have a suggestion. how bout u keep all my candy ur gonna send me and feed it to your skinny roman boy. wtc?!? he's like a skeleton!! my stomach is growling FOR him.