Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Munch with Mom 2009

I am a proud boy mama. Love my little fan club. And, today I got to go visit the two biggest at their school and eat lunch with them. It was a fun time!

Roman was first at 10:30. He chose for me to bring him lunch. So, I picked up Taco Bell. Even though it's the closest food establishment to our house (with exception of the gas station Subway), we hardly ever eat there. I'm married to a self professed tortilla snob...somehow T.B.'s waxy frisbees don't fit his bill. But, me and the boys, we like us some Taco Bell, so I knew Roman would dig it. AND, I got him a fancy drink. 96% (accurate statistical computation :) of the time our boys drink water, so this was HUGE!

Roman's been telling me about his friend Anthony. Today I met him and his mom and I know them! At that point, I heard Ernie's faint voice from a couple weeks ago telling me who Anthony is.....pretty sure I was doing 10 other things while he was giving me the detail. Anyway....they were NEAT to watch together!

This is little friend Michael. He decided he wanted a picture too. Looks like Roman has lots of great kids in his class.

Then I had Roman pose for the ceremonial little brother who looks enormously larger than the biggest brother picture. I'm pretty sure I failed EVERY professional photographer rule with this....otherwise, surely, the 7 month old wouldn't look SOOO big. On second thought, the camera does add ten pounds, so that would make him pretty even with Roman.

I asked a sweet mom across from us to take this. Note to self. Ask if everyone was smiling next time & take a few minutes to do something with myself when I plan to take pictures. Who cares. I don't take enough pictures with my little guys so I'm going to focus on our togetherness, Dane looking intently at Roman, and the fact that I know my almost 7 year old still loves for me to tote him around like he's 2.

Dane and I went home for a little bit and then headed back up for Elijah's lunch. He chose to buy his lunch. Because it's very cool in Kindergarten to stand in line to get a styrofoam tray with styrofoam food. Should I be offended that he gets so giddy about buying school food and refuses to eat most any home cooked meal I make for him? I'm refusing to take it personally. :)

And, back to the stage for more brother shots. Elijah is smitten with Dane. He is such an excellent big brother.

Now, see, GI Joe would be proud of me. Knowing is half the battle.

To sweet picture taking mom #2...."Would you mind taking one more picture?"
Yeah, NOW everyone's smiling even though I still obviously look like I don't know where to find my makeup or hair products (oh, wait I don't own any...maybe THAT'S a first step).

We love our school and the fun times we have together there!

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The Lowe Family said...

i love how E's hair is getting longer...he looks so manly.

roman is totally popular but i would have guessed that 4 years ago anyway.