Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's Now or Never

I know, I don't post for almost a week and then I post more than once. I gotta do it when I'm here or I'll never do it. It's my last half of September resolution to do more frequent posts. :) We'll see!

If you know Roman and Elijah, you know that they have a great time together and have some similarities, but for the most part, you couldn't find two more opposite brothers.

We have "Mr. I want to count my money as much as possible and buy fun things" aka Roman.

And, Mr. I couldn't care less about how much money I have...let's talk about how I can build something with the coins aka Elijah.

So, after MANY guesses and much deliberating. Elijah finally revealed the shape of his coins. Can you guess what it is???

Nope, not that.

I know, I thought of that too, but no.

You give up, so soon. Yeah, okay, I did too. So, you wanna know??

A rollerskate, of course!! Can't you see it?!


The Lowe Family said...

oooh close!! i was thinking a tractor. i saw those wheels. me and E are on the same wave length.

Bonnie said...

Dude, I was totally off. I thought it was a baseball mitt. Hmmm, I used to be so good at this. I've lost my touch!