Friday, August 7, 2009

Punky Butt on Fun

Punky Butt, not Pinky Butt

Where can you find paste on pink shorts displayed on a leg ONLY mannequin AND a sign with English subtitles?

PLUS an INDOOR 2 story playscape? Yes, it really is as big as it looks!

And funky tall glass bottled Coke for $2.49?!

Or, a boring ole plastic bottled Coke of the SAME size for $1?

La Gran Plaza!
Tonight we wrangled some of our favorite neighbors to take the kids to that HUMONGOUS play area. Mamas and Daddies staked down a table, grabbed some chow (But, not from the place that gave me gastrointestinal distress or gave us moldy tres leches cake the last time. Yes, this place is high class.), and watched as the boys climbed to their hearts' content.

Daddy gave love to punky butt.

And, then shared his drink. NOT REALLY, he's not able to use a straw so we put his soda directly in his's easier for him. NOT REALLY, we play by all the nutritional rules, I promise. He was so desperate to reach the cup and anything else with food in/on/around it. So, Daddy let him pretend
How cute is this shot?!

Then we went to tour La Gran (aka Mexican mall).

As Mama A would say, 1992 called and wants their dress back. Are these REALLY back in style or does this expose how hood-i-rific our destination is?!

Punky Butt was plum worn out by the time we'd toured all the craziness.

He did wake up long enough to give us his thoughts on the evening. I was videoing on the sly, so this is raw, unscripted footage.


Frantic Holly said...

Stopping by from Harriet's. That dress is horrible.

Anonymous said...


Stopping by from harriet's!

The Lowe Family said...

aren't those the shorts you wore to my house on the day of the swim party? i swear they are.

Clueless_Mama said...

I love the video at the end. I got everything he said :) I think it was, mom please never buy that dress and next time please get me my own drink. How old is your little one? He looks to be the same age as my little girl

Lil Eskimo said...

c_mama..he just turned 6 months. he's gigantor! how old's yours?

chubskulit said...

Oh my I love those chunky legs!

Alyson said...

that is precious!