Thursday, August 13, 2009

My husband, the hero!

So, I drove up today and noticed birds in one of our crepe myrtles. I'm having all warm, fuzzy feelings about wildlife in our yard when I notice one of the birds is an acrobat. I mean, look at him! Have you ever seen a bird (just a normal bird) hanging upside down on a branch!?

I try to be super quiet...I don't close the garage door or the van door and sneak out to peek (Tiptoes and all. Seriously. How old am I?). All of the friend birds fly away immediately. I think, woah, how perfect that the one truly talented bird doesn't even spook. I gallop inside to get the boys. Herd them to the window to see this most amazing of creatures. Wow! I think, he's STILL there. So, I grab my camera and head out. Definitely have to get a picture of this! Check it out!

Then I notice (it's about time!) that something is amiss. Hold on. This bird isn't perfecting his upside down claw hang, it's stuck. Aghghhhhhhhh!!!! I sprint inside to fetch our resident bird rescuer...Ernie. Come quick. Bird. Stuck! Out he comes to assess the damage. Looks like kite string wrapped around our feathered friend's feet and wound around the tree branch.

All the while, we had 2 of the birdy's best buds squawking at us. I kept bringing Ernie the wrong tools, and he kept getting more and more agitated. Seems he's seen the movie "Birds" and was fearing the worst. Seriously, these birds were NOT HAPPY with us. I kept telling them we were the good guys. They weren't believers.

FINALLY, I delivered the correct tool....good ole fashioned scissors. It took no less than 30 tries to get this little guy free. He kept flailing and flapping.

The moment Ernie got the last string clipped the birdy flew into the air and his friends followed right after him. CRAZY. Birds of a feather REALLY DO flock together!!


Bonnie said...

All that trouble and they bird didn't even stick around. Some thanks you get.

Well, I'm proud of Ernie. He is truly a hero. I mean, it's no drowning lady but a bird in distress is just as important... I guess. :-)

Love that tree.. but I guess I already told you that!

Lil Eskimo said...

i'm laughing hysterically. yeah, i guess dave has the one up for a while. next time we're at the pool i'll push someone in and give ernie a chance to catch up. :)